Simple yet effective HTML authoring. At the moment, only one person is a member of Möbius HTML Design, and while he has authored a few pages for some clients (mostly himself), he is on the verge of offering his services to the world at large. This service is not yet available, but coming soon!

Click through to see some of his work.

On Hold

Plans to offer web hosting have been put on hold indefinitely.

Coming Sometime!

This would be the place where news and announcements would be made. This would be the place where clients can get support (both Design and Hosting clients). Or if you simply want a friendly place to stop by and chat about your favorite drink or sports team, that can be done here, too.

Some site announcements are made on the blog. However, I usually use it to catalogue my forays into html, php, javascript, cgi, etc. authoring.

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